what is curl cream, you ask? well, it's like a magical elixir for your curls, it's basically a styling product providing definition, moisture, and hold all in one go!
to get your curls poppin' like a pack of bubble wrap, make sure you first wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo like our repair & hydrate shampoo. then, squeeze out the excess water with a towel, but don't go crazy - your hair should still be damp. next, pump a dollop of curl cream and slather it on your palms like it's sunscreen at the beach. massage the cream into your hair, starting at the tips and working your way up to the roots. use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to work out any tangles and define your curls. then, either bust out the diffuser for some heat action, or air dry that 'do like it's nobody's business. while you're waiting, don't forget to give those curls a good scrunch every now and then to really make 'em pop!
absolutely! our curl cream can help enhance natural waves, making them bouncy and beautiful, just like you.
well, just about anyone with curls, waves, or coils! whether you're a beachy babe or a curly queen, our curl cream has got your back!
of course, just be sure to protect your hair with our heat protectant spray before styling.
thanks to our deeply nourishing ingredients you'll begin to notice results after your very first use!
can you mix curl cream with other hair products, you ponder? absolutely! in fact, you can think of curl cream as the life of the party, and our other products as its trusty sidekicks.
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yeppp! we are so sure that our curl cream is gonna be a game-changer for you, that we’re backing it up with a solid 30-day money back guarantee. you can read more about that in the returns + refunds section below.
you sure can! you can buy now and pay later with interest-free payments using one of the different payment partners we offer at checkout.
you betcha! our curl cream is curly girl method approved. you can run our ingredients on curlsbot.com
not at all. our curl cream has been designed to deliver effective results without making your hair oily or weighing you down.
think of it like this - using curl cream is like adding seasoning to a dish. you don't want to go overboard and end up with a heavy, greasy mess! as a general rule, start by using your curl cream after washing your hair, while it's still damp. if you need to refresh your curls later in the week, you can apply a small amount of curl cream to dry hair. remember, just like our 10 minute hair mask, a little goes a long way! don't be afraid to experiment with different amounts and frequencies to find the perfect balance for your curls.
you'll get 2-3 months of weekly applications out of each 200ml bottle.
yep! there are no animal products in our curl cream. we also do not test on animals, we love our furry friends 🐰
right here in australia 🐨
nope! it's free from sulfates, parabens, and silicones. which are the main no-no's.
absolutely! our curl cream has been designed to be safe on chemically treated hair.
you betcha! our curl cream is safe and will work on coloured hair
absolutely! whether you've got a pixie cut or a bob, our curl cream can help you achieve bouncy, defined curls.
yes, indeed! our mad hair scientist specifically formulated this curl cream to combat frizz and humidity, and to rock your curls no matter the weather!