what the eff is a hair mask and why do i need it?

what the eff is a hair mask and why do i need it?

so you’ve seen a new hair product enter the arena and you want to know what all the fuss is about.

well, take a seat and get ready to update your status to ‘in a relationship with georgiemane’ cause once you start, you won’t be able to get us out of your head.

sooo what is a hair mask?

hair masks are a next level conditioner. if conditioner was your ex, then hair masks would be Channing Tatum. 

working from the inside out, hair masks repair and restore hair damaged by colouring, styling and just general day to day life (think sun exposure, hair tie friction, heating etc.) 

designed to sink in and nurture hair, you’ll notice an improvement in your locks after one use of georgiemane.  

yeah, but like what benefits does it have?

grllll, where do we even start… 

besides repairing hair, our hair mask is also designed to prevent future damage. that’s right, boo, you can curl and straighten to your heart’s content without feeling guilty. 

and if you thought that was impressive, it also works to increase growth so hair becomes thicker and longer. 

oh and did we mention it also boosts your hair’s shine? 

we know, we know, life changing stuff right? you can thank us later. 

okayyy, so how do I use it?

so your hair’s new bff has arrived in the post and you’ve already taken a few snaps and added a few stories to the ‘gram of our super cute packaging (who could blame you, we know we slay). 

now for the fun part. it’s time to lather yourself up.

simply wash your hair with your fave shampoo and give it a dry using your towel. then apply georgiemane from your roots to ends, chill out while it works it’s magic and then rinse and dry. 

*warning* using georgiemane will result in the excessive need to touch your hair or getting others to touch it because it’s just sooo effing soft. 

how often should I use it?

we recommend getting your mask on at least once a week (twice if you reallllly want the best results). 

we know what you’re thinking, boo. between work, family commitments and stalking your ex’s new gf on instagram, life is pretty jammed already. one of the best things about georgiemane is your hair is transformed in just 10 minutes. 

chuck on Netflix or treat yo’ self to a nice bath, there’s a lot you can do in 10 minutes! 

what now?

well here we are. you’re now an expert on hair masks. 

the next step, is to break up with your conditioner (it might not be easy, but you know you deserve better, babe). 

then if you haven’t already, do your hair a favour and give it some georgiemane love. 

so the next time Lizzo calls out ‘baby how you feelin’?’, you can do a majestic, healthy and luscious hair toss, check your nails and yell back “feelin’ good as hell!”