thank u next 👋🏼why it’s time to break up with your conditioner

entering the ring and coming in at 220ml is georgiemane’s 10 minute hair mask. this newcomer has got a few tongues wagging and a lot of hair swooning, but many are yet to understand its potential. 

its opponent today is no stranger to competition. known to frequent the isles of supermarkets and drug stores, hair conditioner is certainly well known amongst the crowd, but does it have what it takes to take out the title?


why using a conditioner isn’t enough  

according to hair veterans, Schwarzkopf conditioners will only protect your hair until the next shampoo, but they don’t really provide any long-term benefits to your hair care. 

whether you realise it or not, your hair is actually exposed to damage everyday. whether it’s damage from the sun, colouring and processing your hair, the styling products you use or even going for a dip in the pool, all of these things contribute to dull, dry and damaged hair. 

unfortunately, just like your friend Becky who just broke up with Chad from chemistry, your hair doesn't have the ability to bounce back on its own, it needs a little help. 

our 10 minute hair mask, here to save the day. 


what makes a hair mask so special? 

funny you should ask! comparing a hair mask to a conditioner would be like comparing Shrek one with Shrek Forever After. clearly Shrek one is the more superior of the two.

a next-level conditioner, our georgiemane is specially designed to sink in and nurture your hair and scalp, working to repair and strengthen it from the inside out meaning your conditioner is a thing of the past. 

best part is, our mask is designed for all hair types. yes you read that right. we’re talking thin, thick, oily, coloured, natural, curly, straight, real or fake - our 10 minute mask doesn’t discriminate. 

so there you have it. it might be a bit odd changing a routine you’ve been in for years, but we’re pretty confident you’ll have forgotten about your conditioner when your friends are lining up to touch your oh so silky and soft hair. conditioner who? no it’s, georgiemane boo 😘