5 things that are destroying your hair

5 things that are destroying your hair

sometimes it feels like most of the things we love (sugar, social media, that ex you can’t seem to shake) aren’t all that good for us.

but the only thing worse than something doing damage is not knowing that is was harmful in the first place.

because knowing is half the battle, boo. 

So let’s get clear on what you’re up against no matter what your hair type and what you can do to minimise the damage to your healthy hair(and get those #hairgoals!)


1. heat styling

whether it’s a hairdryer, straightener, curling wand or crimping tongs (those are still cool, right?) — according to Lab Muffin, all of that heat can break the hydrogen bonds in your hair, increasing moisture loss, breakages and split ends.

but we also know you’re not about to give it all up and embrace the natural look.

instead, focus on protecting your locks and consider maybe sorta possibly putting down the heat blow dry and tools, just for a day or two each week (we know, we know…), so that your hair isn’t constantly being cooked.

5 things that are destroying your hair



2. hair accessories

when they’re not busy getting lost in random places (seriously, where do they all go?), traditional hair ties put a lot of pressure on your hair — especially if you frequently tie it up in a tight hairstyle in the same way.

luckily for all of us, there is a range of more hair-friendly options: from wider elastics and spiral hair ties to totally-in-again scrunchies that avoid damage and breakage. 

the good news is by easing up on the harsh hair accessories leaving your hair natural will reduce hair breakage and hair loss.


3 Silk Pillow Cases

Do silk pillowcases ( silk or satin ) keep hair healthy? In fact in a way yes! After washing your hair and drying your wet hair with a microfiber towel, they help keep hair hydrated, and infact silk can help with brittle hair. A cotton pillowcase is more porous than silk, so traditional pillowcases absorb moisture from your long healthy hair, while silk leaves that hydration right where it belongs: in your hair.


3. chemical treatments

Hair Products! if you have a bit of a love affair with bleach, couldn’t live without that loose perm or routinely get your hair chemically straightened and or frequent dry shampoo — all of these wonderful treatments can leave their mark on your hair.

we’re not silly enough to recommend giving any of this good stuff up though! as long as you’re regularly using treatments, like a hair mask, to restore any damage done and leaving the chemical treatments to a professional, you do you.


4. uv rays

if you thought that your skin was the only part of you that detests sun exposure, think again!

but it doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a life spent indoors either… use products that are designed to fortify and protect your hair, and go soak up some summer sun!


5. stress

that stress response (whether it’s work-related, life drama or watching the latest season of handmaids tale) can force more of your hair into a “resting phase” — which means less strands actively growing on your head. 

exercise, a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and meditation can all do wonders for lowering your stress levels.

and what better reason to get your zen on than to encourage hair growth?


so now you’re across the top no no’s when it comes to your hair’s health, you might be feeling a little guilty for putting your hair through so much. don't stress though boo, we know just how you can make it up to your locks. four words, one number and countless benefits; georgiemane 10 minute hair mask

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